Bea World Festival

Programme Schedule

14:00 / 14:15

BEA World 2020. What can the events at BEA this year tell us about the evolution of events.

Stephanie Dubois, BEA WORLD JURY PRESIDENT and Director, Global Events, SAP

14:15 / 14:45

Let's get rid of the event industry...

Sjoerd Weikamp, Owner and chief-editor at and

For the first time in the history of the world of live communication, experience marketing and events, we hear people, brands and organizations scream for us. They miss us. And the industry itself? We learned our online and digital lessons, we will combine these for even more impactful live events in the future. But our biggst chance? How our industry wil rule the world of marketing and communication? Welcome to the big shift: let's move from events tot live contact...

14:45 / 15:15

Digital is not the answer. Hybrid is. Event Digitalization in a post pandemic world: China is showing us the way

Colja Dams — Chief Executive Officer (CEO), VOK DAMS worldwide

VOK DAMS has been producing hybrid events (live events with a substantial digital component) since 2010 and thus well-versed in creating digital and hybrid solutions. The agency has created around 450 digital and hybrid events since the start of the pandemic.

Two offices in China and Hong Kong give the ability to “look into the future” …

15:15 / 15:30

Client Perspective. EDP’s experience as an event planner company during COVID19

Monica Marques, coordinator at EDP for the Brand Activation, Sponsorship and Events Department.

15:30 / 16:00

The future of live business and entertainment

Marco Balich, Chairman of Balich Worldwide Show

16:00 / 16:15

Client perspective. New era new choices? What do you expect from events agencies?

Jane Reeve, Chief Communication Officer, Ferrari