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Ecovidrio Blessed Bathrooms
  • Non-Profit/CSR Event
  • Sustainable Innovation

Ecovidrio Blessed Bathrooms

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Category Winner

1st Sustainable Innovation
1st Non-Profit/CSR Event

The Event

Ecovidrio gave us the challenge of sparking a change in the musical festival scene with its focus heavily placed on the younger attendees and the mass consumption.

Events are one of the biggest producers of garbage, especially festivals. Music, alcohol, with young people being the key ingredient in the accumulation of waste. The Arenal Sound Festival, generates around 78 tons of garbage every summer and its star guests, young people, are not at all aware of the problem. This is where we decided to act. So we pondered, what would need to be done in order to raise awareness amongst millenials about this ongoing problem? A direct incentive! What did we need? A miracle. While doing some digging through the rubbish at these festivals we found it, The toilets! Toilets found at these festivals are a complete nightmare, dirty, small, flooded, disgusting but they became a blessing in disguise. This is how we created “Blessed Bathroms”, a true heaven on earth for festival lovers. The idea was simple,if they kept the Festival clean, we would provide the most luxurious and clean bathrooms, your throne away from home. Quick and easy with no hassle whatsoever.